How To Get iPhone’s Live Photos Feature on Android?
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As we all know that a few years back Apple introduced the feature of the dubbed live photos and in simple words the feature means the gifs with the sound effect. And that time the feature was there on almost every type of Android device and was missing too in some of the other Android devices. And in context to that Apple launched its new feature under the name of the live photos and the same attracted the most of the people. But when the feature comes into work the most of them found it difficult to use and handy also. And if now the user is looking for the answer to the question that How To Get iPhone’s Live Photos Feature on Android? then the user has come to the right place as in this article the user will get to know all the details about the same and I know that after the launch of this feature, there are still some of the Android users that want the same feature in their Android Devices.

So, in this article, the user will get to know about some of the apps that allow live photos on an android device.

Phogy 3D Camera

Phogy is one of the best apps around the feature that allows the user to use the iOS iconic live photos feature. Moreover, the apps also allow the user to add on the innovations with a twist after capturing the live photo. The helps the user to capture the animations along with the surroundings and the images move with your smartphone’s movements. And to do so is easy, just the thing is that the user needs to move the phone along with the object moving.

The drawback is that the free version of the app allows the user to capture the live photo for up to 3 seconds only. the features that the apps allow are the image’s geometry, swap direction, rotate, and also to check out details. Moreover also allows to edit the brightness, contrast, hue, blur, sharpen the images and also add oil painting. But the main thing is that the above features are only available in the pro version and not on the pro version and the user needs to buy the pro version in order to enjoy the feature of the live photos.

The next comes the GIF camera

Before installing the app the user should keep in mind that the GIF camera’s UI is not good enough like the other Android apps but the app is made totally like functioning the feature for which the app is made. Moreover, the app not only allows a user to create animated or customizable GIFs but also allows to search for the different types of GIF s across the internet.

The features provided by the app are the same as the above app and the main advantage that is implied here is that the captured images are supported by Android’s stock Gallery and any other Gallery apps there are. So, the user can easily able to edit the image’s frame rate and the animations too. Moreover, the user can also share the images through apps that include Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Moments, and China’s Sina Weibo.

Now here is the list of the In-built Camera Apps that brings Live Photos Functionality:-

1. HTC Zoe

2. Samsung’s TouchWiz Camera

3. Google Camera

And that’s all was the article about the using of the iPhone’s Live Photos Feature on Android and I hope that the user has got the answer to the question that How To Get iPhone’s Live Photos Feature on Android?

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