How to Disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions on iPhone?
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The feature of having the Siri suggestions and shortcuts right on the lock screen is the one thing that the users like the most. The features are well -thought and are fully personalized with the apps. Even the shortcuts also ensure that the user does not always have to dig into the apps in order to perform a certain function, the Siri shortcuts perform all the functions. How to Disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions on iPhone?.

But sometimes the user also wants to keep some privacy from the phone that the Siri doesn’t know that may include the bank details, dating apps, and other things also. And to keep private these things the user may get compelled towards disabling Siri from the lock screen.

There are many ways available in order to control Siri. the one is to altogether turn off lock screen suggestions and the other way is to control it per-app basis. So, the user could use the option that suits him the most flexible. So, let us tell you about both the options.

First comes the option of how to Completely Disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions

1. First launch the settings app on your device.

2. After that tap on the search box and search for Siri

3. Now tap on the Siri option and after that switch off the button showing the option of ‘Suggestions on the Lock Screen’.This was the way of removing Siri from the whole lock screen.

Next comes the Disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions Per-App Basis

1. First open the settings app

2. After that tap on the notifications

3. After that tap on the Siri suggestions

4. Now the screen open will show you the list of options that the Siri will be able to suggest the notifications and the user could easily turn off the button of the app whose notification the user doesn’t want to be managed by the Siri.

The google assistant may be ahead of Siri, but this year the Siri has also improved its qualities for example by improving the feature of sending audio or voice messages, and shortcuts automation

That’s all was the article about the Siri features and the article that tells you that How to Disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions on iPhone?

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