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Hoping For The Next Season Of The Glory??

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One of Netflix’s most popular new dramas is The Glory, but can fans anticipate The Glory season 2? The future of K-drama is as follows. The Glory, an addictive and excellently performed series that debuted in December 2022, follows a tortured adolescent through adulthood, where she is now hellbent on retaliation. The first eight episodes came out at the tail end of last year, and fans have been waiting months to see how the suspenseful series will end. When a former victim of academic violence determines to make getting revenge her life’s mission, she ends up in the lives of her former attackers. She devours decades tenaciously plotting and peeking for any chance to ruin their lives exactly as they did. The Glory is executed by Baeksang nominee Ahn Gil-ho and penned by award-winning Kim Eun-sook. The Glory Part 2 is premiered on Netflix on March 10, 2023.

The Glory Season 2 Renewal Status: Will There Be The Glory Season 2?

A second season of The Glory is unlikely to happen. While it’s always possible that the story could continue, The Glory part 2 did a good job of wrapping up the plot for the most part. It appears that the series 16 episodes were chosen on purpose. Because the entire story is told in the first few episodes, most Korean shows on Netflix don’t have multiple seasons. Due to its popularity, Netflix might order more episodes of The Glory, but orders have yet to be placed for new seasons of the program. Due to the reality that it is a 16-episode series, it is unlikely to be “cancelled.” The Glory Part 3 has yet to be notified by Netflix, so it appears like the show has acquired its end with Part 2.

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