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Recently, a fossil has unearthed that provides essential information about the evolution of many organisms. The scientific communities termed the discovery as very rare. The study conducted by a group of scientists on an ancient snake with rear limbs commonly called Najash rionegrina and other newly found fossils. The study revealed the evolution of snake and how the snakes lost their limbs and developed a specialized skull. 

At the time of discovery, Najash rionegrina gathered a lot of media attention. But, scientifically, Najash rionegrina is a rare and significant discovery. Najash rionegrina was unique in many ways. It was not an aquatic snake, but a terrestrial snake that was living in the desert. The most exciting fact was that the sediments above it did not compress the fossil. As a result, the shape of the snake was not damaged, and scientists can carry out the required observation and experiment with the mineral. Currently, the fossil is kept in a three-dimensional space. 

Views of Scientists

Scientists across the world widely believe that the snake was blind in the early stage of evolution, and came from lizard species. Currently, scolecophidian are considered as the primitive living snake in the modern world. But, the snake that was found has nothing similar to scolecophidian snakes. Najash rionegrina had extremely sharp teeth, largemouth, unlike the general assumption. Najash rionegrina also carried mobile skulls like modern snakes. But, some of the body features of Najash rionegrina are similar to typical lizards. As a result, it is safe to assume that the snake community is moving towards skull mobility through evolution. 

Scientists are expecting some more earth breaking information about the ancient snake community and their way of evolution in further examinations of Najash rionegrina. However, the recent revelation put a question mark on the theory that human beings believe for ages. 

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