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In the 21st century, climate change emerged as the biggest threat to the existence of humanity. The governments across the world are busy in policymaking, but implementation is pathetic over the years. In the last decade, the CO2 emission increased by a whopping 11% across the world. As a result, now it is clear that humanity should not depend on the government’s action solely. Therefore, we, the people, need to step up and face the challenge to save the life source on the earth. 

Though the billionaires are spending millions of dollars on various climate issues, these are not enough. So, every responsible citizen across the world required to donate something, as small as it may be, for a better cause. Several organizations are working for the betterment of the earth. Here are some of the organizations, where one can spend his additional money for the fight against the ongoing climate change. 

Coalition for Rainforest Nations

The organization is intergovernmental, having 50 nations as a member of the organization. The alliance formed way back in 2005 in Papua New Guinea. The organization is helping countries to reduce emissions and avoid deforestation. It also pays developing countries if they prevent deforestation. The organization claims that if one donates 100 USD to the organization, it can avert a whopping 857 metric tons of CO2 or other equivalent greenhouse gases. 

Clean Air Task Force

The organization is a USA-based NGO, founded in 1996. The prime focus of the organization is to reduce air pollution. It spread awareness about the harmful effects of coal-based power plants. It successfully reduced the CO2 emission from power plants across the United States. The organization targets the emitters, which often neglected by all environmental organizations. The organization claims that your 1 USD donations could reduce one metric ton of CO2 emission. 

If you are interested in donating for the great cause, you can donate through their official websites. 

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