Here Are The Fixes Of Connecting The Android Tv To The Wi-Fi?
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Android Tv is a great device that allows the user to use most of the apps through the tv. The user is also able to use the device on the voice command as the Android tv comes with the google assistant and another voice assistant also. But sometimes there are also some of the lingering issues that the user may face is that the android tv lacks in connecting to the WI-Fi. However, on some tv, the wifi doesn’t turn on. So, if the user wants to fix the problem then Here Are The Fixes Of Connecting The Android Tv To The Wi-Fi?

The user must follow the following steps in order to solve the issue:-

1. Firstly if the user is facing the problem of the Wi-Fi connectivity then the user must set the date and time first. In order to do the same open Settings by clicking on the gear icon located at the top-right corner. After that, open Device Preferences.

2. After that click on “Date and Time” and then click on the option of “Automatic Date and Time”.

3. After that select the option of “Use network-provided time“. By clicking on this the Wi-Fi connectivity problem of your device may get solved then and there.

4. If the above settings didn’t work then open settings and move to “Network and Internet”. The user also makes sure that the WiFi toggle is turned on. After that, the user must use a Wi-FI access point.

5. Now the user may scroll down the window and after that click on the “Forget Network“. After that click on the wi-fi and re-enter the password and this time I am pretty much sure that the Wi-Fi will be connected to the Android TV.

6. After that also if the problem persists then the user may open your WiFi access point again and the proxy may be set to the none and set the IP settings to the “DHCP”.

7. Apart from the above options the android tv also faces problems related to the “hotspot WiFi” issues where the phone is connected to the mobile data but the tv after the connection also doesn’t work. The problem mainly occurs when the data limit is about to complete and the data saver is on.

8. In order to do that open settings and move to ” Network and Internet”

9. Nowhere the open the data saver and turn it off

10. If the user is still facing the problem then the user may browse the on the internet on the device from which the Wi-FI is connected. Then the window will allow you to change the router settings.

11. Here make sure that the SSID broadcast is open for the Wi-Fi. The next option that the android tv doesn’t work is that some of the TV doesn’t connect to the 5GHz WiFi connection. In order to do so, the user has to change the broadcast of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. Here you will find the WiFi access point on your Android TV.

12. In case if the problem also persists then the user must restart the router and the TV both. And if still, the problem persists then the user may hard reset the android tv that will make a new device for the user and everything has to be started from the start.

That’s all was the ways of solving the problem of Here Are The Fixes Of Connecting The Android Tv To The Wi-Fi?

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