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Till Tuesday, in the winter storm, nearly eight people are dead. With the rain is not showing any signs of getting weak, now it seems that it may continue till another day. Due to the rain, many vacation plans to Northeast are now stand canceled. 

The winter storm is now moving along the Northeastern parts as well as near to New England coastlines. As the wind is passing by, it is causing heavy snowfall in many areas. The areas where heavy snow reported are Appalachian Mountain and extends till Inland areas of Northeast and New England. 

What did the forecaster say?

As per the forecasters, the snowstorm would be continuing on Wednesday too. After that, only it may get weak, but still, it is tag as the Long Duration Storm by the weather department. 

On Monday, one can see that snow, which is there on the ground of New Jersey and Connecticut. Earlier forecaster thought that nearly 3 to 4 inches of snow would fall. However, it gets worse and asks to prepare for 8 inches of snow in the northeast parts of the city. 

What to do in these conditions?

The storm is not getting weak and going for havoc across the parts of Northeastern and New England. So, all the residents are in shock and fear of this. With the situation getting worse each day, the New York City Emergency Management Department asks the New Yorkers to stay away from outside and roads. Deanne Criswell said it. 

Due to the storm, nearly hundreds of flights are already canceled at Northeastern airports. Regarding this, due to the condition of the storm, approximately 62 flights are now canceled due to adverse conditions. 

Currently, more than 75000 homes and other establishments are without power in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

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