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San Diego Sector Border Patrol Agents almost made twenty-second rescues in the twenty-four hours. After receiving the notification about the distress call from a mother and her daughter on 29th November at midnight by the San Diego Sheriff’s, the patrolling started. The patrolling agents safely rescued the mother and a daughter. People were rescued from a draining tube near San Ysidro Port of entry by the agents, almost consist of twenty-two people. 

Rescue made by the brave USBP Agents and San Diego Fire-Rescue

On Thanksgiving night, San Diego was in an emergency rescue condition due to the heavy rainfall. As per CBP, on Thursday at 11 pm, the first rescue took place when an agent was patrolling a found three people drained in the drainage tube, which was located two miles away from the San Ysidro border crossing. The agents were informed about peoples who had fallen inside the drainage tube and called for help by people who were rescued. 

The San Diego Sector Border Patrol Agent bravely pulled out almost seventeen people from the manhole who were yelling for help. San Diego Fire and Rescue officials contacted for assistance by the USBP agent. According to the report by CBP, the water level of the drainage tube was rising due to the heavy rainfall in the place. According to the report, an unaccompanied minor and three women who were rescued are processed for allegedly crossing the border in an illegal manner. Among the twenty-two people who were rescued, eight of them got hospitalized. 

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, late Friday, two people that included a teenager rescued in a separate incident in the federal Otay Mountain Wilderness. The agents were appreciated for their bravery by the chief of San Diego Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison.  


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