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A fan-loved doctor at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital faces a significant problem on the “Put It On To The Tet” episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” which aired on April 7. Dr, Levi Schmitt gets into the situation when his mother accidentally falls down the stairs in the middle of an argument, and it’s up to him to save her life.

Since a tragedy that followed him of the killing of a patient named Devon, Dr. Schmitt has been avoiding his friends, jobs, and responsibilities. His mistake is said to have pushed him into a state of depression.

On being asked after “Put It To The Test” what does he feel about acting in an intense life-or-death situation faced by the doctors week after week, Jake said that he feels the finale shall be “Heart-racing,” and Levi’s mind is thinking of returning to Grey Sloan.

On asked how the tension on the set was created, Jake Borelli says that he is blessed with the best medical department ever, and they make the scenes look incredibly real. When he cut Myrna, the knife was in his hand, and the blood was coming out. So he said that one does not have to pretend much when it looks natural.

Kevin McKidd, James mentioned, also helps him with the adrenaline by cheering for him now and then. Adding to it, he said that he has quite the idea of what Levis would have been feeling right now since he has been playing him for five years.

“Grey’s Anatomy” is said to return on the ABC; its next episode is on Thursday, May 5 at 9 pm E.T.

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