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The entire process started as Wand Dench, a 62 years lady at present, mistakenly texted a wrong person thinking him as his grandson, thus inviting him to Thanksgiving. The wrong person he texted is Jamal Hinton, who is 20 years old now.

When it all occurred, Hinton was at the high school. He replied to the text by asking her a photo to ensure whether the person texting him is his grandmother. However, the picture was instead of a woman with blonde hair and that too with glasses. It was not her grandmother’s photo.  

Jamal cleared the misconception of Dench by replying that she is not his grandmother; he texted the same with a laughing emoji. 

How did it start?

Hinton from Phoenix, Arizona, delivered a selfie back to inform that he was not her grandson either. However, he further asked whether he could join for dinner. Dench accepted the request saying grandmothers see no discrimination. Interestingly, Hinton tweets a photo of his own with Dench celebrating the Thanksgiving alongside. Hinton and Dench are going to be there at Mikaela’s (the girlfriend of Hinton) house for dinner. 

Hinton is now a full-time employee who has to say that the process continuing like this makes him feel happy. According to him, Wanda is a nice person. He took his accomplishment of spending time with Wanda to the social media, letting entire America know. In fact, in 2018, Hinton took it to YouTube to publish a video of her dining with Dench being on holiday.

In the video, Dench is found stating about her upbringing in the military. As per her, her father was in the Navy and spouse in the Army, which was the reason that they had to visit different places. She claims that such frequent visit during her childhood is the reason that she never feels uncomfortable with the strangers. 

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