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Google has declared a new update for the Google Password Manager that will allow its users to add passwords on Chrome and Android manually. The recent update will also deliver a consistent user interface experience on Chrome as well as Android. Users can now add a Google Password Manager shortcut on the home screen of their Android phone. Google says that this latest update will bring stronger password protection by developing solid passwords for users throughout the platforms and will ensure that credentials aren’t at risk.

Google has announced through a blog post that “starting Thursday, June 30, the internet giant will roll out a new update for Google Password Manager that will add a slew of features to the existing version of the password manager.”

Google’s latest feature will enable users to manually enter their passwords to the Google Password Manager directly throughout platforms like Chrome and Android.

Google announced the main objective is to make the process of password management more simplified. Google also adds a consistent and unified password management experience on Chrome and Android settings. With the recent update, Google Password Manager will store Multiple passwords for the same websites and applications. Google will furthermore let users add a shortcut of the password manager to the home screen of their Android smartphone.

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