Google Pixel Watch

According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, it is been claimed that Google is planning to launch a smartwatch under the name of the Pixel Watch and the watch will be most probably launched in the round shape and the launch date of the watch is predicted to be in this year in the month of October.

The information for the watch is leaked through the video uploaded yesterday on youtube by a tech analyst. In that video, he shows the large images of a crown on the pixel smartwatch and if the thing is true then Google in the future might give competition to the other analog watches who look the same as this in the video.

As the video doesn’t predict any of the features of the watch rather the design of the watch could be predicted. The design states that the watch is in a circular shape with a bezel-less display, and no buttons, and not even a single physical crown on the right side.

Moreover, the watch is also shown without the bulbous thickness in the video, so the thing confirms that the watch is not like the Samsung Active Watch 2. Along with this, the interface of the watch is also recreated which includes a watch face with the radial time markers and giving it an analog timepiece look.

The watch looks very simple in use and according to the report of the TechRadar on has also said that ‘Heart Rate’ with a large number and acute heart, suggesting Google could be going for a more elegant minimalist design.

The YouTuber also mentioned that the watch will be launched in the month of October but the information is not sure that is right or wrong as we all know that in the time of this pandemic Covid-19 fluctuations are rising every single day and the decisions are changed in a few minutes only. As the prediction is done because the devices like the Pixel phone are launched in the month of October only and earlier also Pixel 5 was launched on October 15, 2020, only.

Earlier some of the rumors about the Pixel watch were out stated that the Pixel Watch will be out with the launch of the Pixel 4 in the market but nothing like that happened and Pixel 5 also got released in the market. And now the sources confirm that it has been much time for which the pixel watch has been in development and now it’s time for its launch in the market and waiting for a release date.

The above information can suggest that the pixel watch might be launched in the event of the Google IO that is going to be held in May 2021 and the event has been organizing in reality to the launch of some of the devices and earlier rumors suggest that Gooogle might launch the Pixel 5a but after that, some of the rumors suggest that the production of the Pixel 5a has been stopped because of the shortage in the chipset.

That’s was all the article about the Pixel Watch.

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