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According to the sources of the Galaxy reporters, there is new leak information that Google is ready to introduce the new device in the name of the Pixel 6. As we all know that Google Pixel 5 has not been mobile for that long and the shipping was stopped from last October and moreover the details about the Google Pixel 6 are coming into focus.

Till now according to the news it is expected that the mobile phone Google Pixel will not be out this year but the rumors and other leaks are sufficient to know about the New Google Device that will be launching soon in few years but not this year. The internal code’s name for google’s device has been out. The 3 names that suggest are the Passport, Raven, and Oriole. Also, the sources claim that Passport refers to a potential foldable phone from Google, and the other two that is Raven and Oriole might be the early versions of the Pixel 6.

Moreover, the leaks also claim that Google Pixel 6 Release Date, Price, And Features is planning to launch the new device with the improvements in the Pixel 5 only. The only device that is good in the cameras but on some features it is outdated to some of the android devices in the market. Moreover, as we all know that Google is very much predictable when the story comes to the rolling out pixel flagships. However, it’s always a marquee debut in the very year but this time it was an exception to the Pixel 5 debut that moved up the Sept 30 last year.

The sources are expecting that the Pixel 6 of Google will be launched in this year till October only but till now there is no news related to that. Or there is no news that confirms the launch of the Pixel 6 in the Market.

Some of the rumors also suggest that Goggle might not launch Pixel 6 and instead of that may launch Pixel 5 pro or Pixel 5a as earlier after the launch of the Pixel 3 Google officially launched an after series in the name of Pixel 3a in the year 2019 so it is expected the same this time. But now because of the covid-19 issue, it is expected that instead of launching the next model 5a Google will be launching Pixel 6 the next generation.

Now let’s talk about the price which is to be expected

Till now the Pixel 4 is priced at $799/£699 and the next model Pixel 5 is priced at $699/£599. Now in order, if the users are expecting that there will be a lower price and then the processor will below and you cannot expect a lower price from a flagship phone.

Now talking about the competitor’s mobile price’s Apple and Samsung both of them have launched a lower price mobile phone that is Apple iPhone 12 mini which is priced at $699 ad while the other Galaxy S21 starts at $799.

Now let’s talk about the cameras of the new device

As we all know that Google pixels are always known for the excellence in the camera department and because of that only they are reputated in the mobile department. The lens of pixel 4 is expected to be around IMX363 12.2MP which is an updated version of the Pixel 4 lens.

Moreover, it is expected that the Pixel 6 will be an Ultrawide shooter or a third lens in the new device. Also, it is unclear that whether the telephoto lens will return in pixel 6 or not. It is also expected that there will be an under-display front camera in pixel 6.

Moreover, till now the other company such as ZTE has already beaten Google in the market by launching the ZTE Axon 20 5G. And this ZTE Axon 20 5G is an under-display camera phone launched firstly in India.

Now elt’s talk about the Google Pixel 6 Design

The Pixel 6 is expected to look alike its predecessors. The processor of the phone will also allow the phone to be a wireless charger.

As we all know that nowadays people like chunky cameras more than the so it is expected that Google will be launching a design similar to the other competitors just like the S21 or Mi 11 ultra.

That’s all were the rumors about the pixel 6 and we expect the changes in the new device model of Google this year. However, the launch date is not yet decided for the launch of the Pixel’s next-gen.

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