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We got the first proof that Maps were working on thorough toll data the previous summer, but not until this April that Google declared the feature. While the company announced that tolls would start occurring imminently, it’s only relatively recently that we’ve noticed them for ourselves, starting with occasional reports the previous week and the broader availability over the weekend. Presently, Google alarms us that things are moving wide, with a new post ensuring the availability of toll info.

Users in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia will be the major ones to get toll data in Maps, and while Google announces that more countries will follow soon, it hasn’t declared which. Entry is also presently restricted to Maps on Android and iOS devices, and we’ve yet to hear anything about getting toll data on Maps on the web.

There are some other limitations as well. For instance, Maps doesn’t indicate the tolls for individual roads but only computes a total for the complete path. We also notice that Maps says that its figures are “estimates based on toll pass rates,” which sounds like it facets in E-ZPass-style transponder discounts when anyone spends cash. Indeed, they will probably be paying even more if you drive a truck, trailer, or anything with additional axles.

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