Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Latest Updates

Today’s latest episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein starts with Bhavani who’s standing just outside the Operation Theatre and telling all that Virat doubted Ajinkya when he came to meet Sai. Mohit objected to her and asks her how could she doubt Sai, even how could anyone can doubt Sai when we all are aware of her nature. Sai is so kind-hearted that she cannot think of harming anyone.

While Mohit was supporting Sai, Sonali scolds him and asks him to shut his mouth. Later on Bhavani says, Sai blackmailed him saying that she met across an accident and called him to meet her. And, now see, she actually met with an accident. Isn’t it Karma? Of, course it is!

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode

Virat finally realizes his mistake. He doubted Sai and Ajinkya relationship. But they are only friends. He says he is actually feeling so guilty. Sai is in this condition because of him only. He doesn’t want her to leave him like this. Ashwini says it would be better if he would have realized this mistake earlier. Sai is so critical now. Her life is at high risk.

The surgeon comes out of the Operation Theatre. Virat asks him, How’s Sai now? The surgeon tells them that the operation was successful but Sai is in ICU right now and she is still critical. Nobody can meet Sai as of now. Virat is seeing Sai from the glass window, he cries while praying for Sai. He says this is all because of him only. Please God, cure Sai as soon as possible.

Pulkit reaches the hospital. Bhavani being Bhavani. She again starts shouting there on him and asks him who informed him about this. Why is he here? Pulkit says if something would happen to Sai, he will send Virat to jail, no matter what position he’s holding.

Ashwini and Pulkit plead with Pulkit to cure Sai. Pulkit enters the ICU and asks the doctor about Sai’s condition. The doctors tell him that she is not fine. Her condition is so critical that she can even go to coma. Virat keeps on crying and he says, how could he do this to her. He even hit himself. Ninad and Omkar start arguing there in the hospital only. Ashwini is losing his temper now. He says, how could they be so selfish that they are still creating the scene. They do not care about how critical Sai is.

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