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The 2020’s first astronomical event is about to happen. Yes, you heard it right. The first meteor shower, the Quadrantids meteor shower will happen tonight and will continue till Sunday. 

In general, the Quadrantids shower is visible from now to 10th January. However, experts have informed that most meteors are likely to be apparent about 3:20 am EST on Saturday. If you are lucky enough, you can see more than 100 stars lighting the dark sky through the wee hours.

Why This A Special Kind of  Meteor Show? 

Studies show, generally comets are the origination point of most of the meteor showers. However, in the case of the Quadrantids showers, the thing is different. These meteors showers are originated from an asteroid. That’s why they are unique from the typical showers. 

Different from other showers, the activity of the Quadrantids will last for about six hours. The “American Meteor Society” has explained the reason behind it. The shower carries a tiny stream of particles. When those particles approach the Earth, our planet crosses the thin stream at a right angle. 

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Don’t Miss This Amazing Show

Try your best to witness tonight’s meteor shower event as the next event will take place in 2028 in North America. 

The Meteor Society informs that to watch the show; people need to look toward the Northeast quadrant and keep your viewing angle halfway up the sky. This way, you can watch the meteor shower covering all the directions. If you are serious meteor showers watcher, then keep your eyes on the sky for one hour as the rain will come with different observable valleys and peaks. 

To enjoy the best view, find a dark place located away from the lights of the city. If possible, reach the place before 3:20 am so that you will not miss your chance to watch the first astronomical event of this year. 


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