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The Ol Parker film is “Ticket to Paradise,” which is said to have paired ‘Roberts opposite his long-time friend and his collaborator ‘Clooney.’ The movie is said to have almost become yet another one of Roberts’ famously rejected rom-coms because she thought that it would only work well with Clooney in the opposite, and this was way before Clooney is said to have joined on board.

“So, Here’s the thing; If I would think that something was worth doing, I would simply just do it,” Roberts said. “But I happened to end up having three kids in the last 18 years. This seems to have raised the bar even more because it is not only about “Is this material good?” but also about the math equation that stands adjacent to my husband’s work schedule and my kids’ school schedules and their summer vacations. It is again not just, “Oh, I think I want to do this.” I seem to have a sense of pride in being at home with my family and considering myself more as a homemaker.”

Roberts also added to it while saying, “As they (referring to her kids) get older, and particularly and especially with my daughter, I really do happen to have a sense of responsibility for showcasing the same to my children that I can be more than just creative and that it is very meaningful to me — so much meaning that for too many periods of time I will have to choose to focus on that almost more than my family members, which has been super hard for me to come on terms with.”

“Ticket to Paradise” is all set to release on the 21st of October from Universal Pictures.

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