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The first episode of season 2 of the historical TV drama series ‘Gentleman Jack,’ entitled ‘Faith is All,’ captures Anne Lister a month after her stormy marriage with Ann Walker. As he tries to prevent his wife’s hunting relatives from interfering in their lives, he is burdened with business responsibilities such as rising debt and the theft of coal. To deal with this situation, Anne decides to sell one of her properties but faces unexpected obstacles. Lister’s household items are also in disarray as Anne hurries to renovate Shibden Hall before Ann enters.

However, newlyweds have several challenges before truly settling into their marriage. Will they be able to resolve their differences, or will their past divide them?

Gentleman Jack Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The episode begins with Anne Lister meeting with Ann’s aunt to tell her that the doctor had instructed her niece not to stay with the family because of her better health. While this annoys Ann Walker Sr., she can’t say anything because of Anne’s firm decision. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Priestley also raised their objections to Ann staying away from their watchful eye, but Anne was able to strengthen them into a quiet agreement. However, they shock her by sharing that Pastor Ainsworth had visited Ann in Scotland earlier.

Elsewhere in York, Ann, healthy and very happy, is looking forward to meeting Anne for the first time since their wedding. Meanwhile, the latter receives a letter from Mariana, warning her not to rush things with Ann and reconsider her decision to take on more serious responsibilities. When the newlyweds met in York, they had a few disagreements about Ann’s decision regarding the Crow Nest estate. Later, they visit Norcliffe for dinner, and Charlotte discusses her worries about their marriage, but Anne assures her that Ann is ready for her and might like him again someday.

After returning to Halifax, Anne realizes that the Lister family does not have a groom after Thomas leaves and starts negotiating with young people to do the same. He also loves business news and gave James Holt a warning about contempt at work. After the newly appointed groom misbehaves, he dismisses her and appoints Joseph, who had previously helped him move the new pony bought for Ann. As Anne prepares for her wife’s temporary stay in Halifax before they travel to Paris, she acknowledges their marriage to her young mother and receives her blessing.

Ann eventually arrives at Shibden Hall for a while. Still, she has an unhappy meeting with Ann Walker Sr., who criticizes her relationship with Anne and warns her of public criticism. On the other hand, Samuel Washington begins to suspect the account of his father, Thomas Sowden. During cross-examination, he received a shocking discovery at night when a father and his son had a heated argument. Now you can explore the further developments in episode 2.

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