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All the celebrities stay primarily busy in their schedules, so pandemics gave them time to introspect. Many celebrities have shared their opinions about the experiences they had.

The Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot is making headlines again about the star-studded ‘Imagine’ cover she posted back in 2020.

She explained to Instyle in an interview, “They had a mic there. I was seeing where everything was headed. Gal further saying “But [the video] was premature. It wasn’t the right timing, and it wasn’t the right thing. It was in poor taste. All pure intentions, but sometimes you don’t hit the bull’s eye, right?”

The video was initially shared on the actress’s Instagram handle in March 2020 at the early pandemic phase. Gadot said, “Hey guys, Day 6 in Self-quarantine, I gotta say the past few days got me feeling a bit philosophical. You know this virus has affected the entire world, everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, where are you’re from, we’re all in this together.”

Further adding she admits, “I was inspired by the viral video of an Italian man playing the John Lennon song song “Imagine” on a trumpet from his balcony to all the other people who were locked inside their homes, there something pure and powerful about that video… it goes like…”

Later she starts to sing the verse of the song. After just a few words, the video cut to many celebrities singing the song’s lyrics, including Jamie Dornan, Mark Ruffalo, Kaia Gerber, Zoe Kravitz, Sia, Jimmy Fallon Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, Natalie Portman, and more.

The video was supposed to be uplifting, but it backlashed immediately after viewers deemed it as performative and called out celebrities to use their wealth to provide it to the pandemic reliefs and aids.

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