Gabrielle Union Break Hearts
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Gabrielle Union Break Hearts a video and a post on IG which leave her fans emotional and heartbreaking and the fans can check the comments below.

Gabrielle Union captioned her post as: ‘I was asked yesterday if I felt that justice had been served and if I felt any peace. At the time I felt numb. I had no words to describe what any of this feels like as a Black parent. Then rage. Boiling, bubbling anger that collectively we have had to lose sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, friends, beloved community members and soooooo many damn CHILDREN…to get 1 conviction,’

She continued and said that: ‘And before we even had that 1 conviction, we lost another child named Ma’Khia Bryant. So no, I don’t feel peace and we didn’t get justice. I want everyone to see this babygirl. See her joy. See her life force. She should be here with us. There is no excuse. Rest in eternal peace babygirl. We will continue to say your name and fight for real justice and the hope to one day know peace. #MakhiaBryant 👼🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾#GeorgeFloyd #DaunteWright #AdamToledo #BreyonnaTaylor,’

A follower posted as: ‘Look at her. So young. 😞 Rest peacefully Ma’Khia,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘They don’t kill white children, even when they have high-powered weapons and they’ve shot up malls, schools, theaters and more. They know how to de-escalate when they want to. This hurts. Another one of our babies is dead. 😢’

A fan posted as: ‘If the cop hadn’t shot her. The other girl would be dead. And we would be watching home videos of the other girl. So who’s right or wrong here?’

one of the followers also said that: ‘I’m not here to tell anyone their opinion is wrong because it’s sad when anyone has to die, but that girl was an inch away from taking another human life and it’s obvious in the video that it shot her or let someone else die.’

And one of the fans also posted the comment: ‘These cops didn’t even know her name. When the officer said “what’s her name, what’s her name” I was mortified. Then they started picking up every witness in the police car as nothing had happened. As a nurse, it shocked me no one grabbed a medical kit. They grabbed the caution tape before they even decided to do CPR. This is a tragedy. She shouldn’t have had to call 911 multiple times screaming for help. Devastating. Thank you for sharing your words. They mean more than you know. #SAYHERNAME.’

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