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Fitbit is already offering sleep-tracking services on its devices since the year 2017. From the start, only the company has focused on measuring the heart rate and the movement to provide you with a breakdown of your sleep cycles. But it is also rumored that soon FitBit will be able to measure another angle of the users’ sleep. According to the reports of the latest test done by 9to5google for the latest android version app. It has been found out that the now Fitbit helps the user to also detect complete snore and noise detection feature while sleeping.

The tool in simple words allows the user to use the microphone to detect that how much time you spent on snoring and for much time it was not there. The band will translate the total amount of time into a percentage, a further grouping that into one of three categories. For example, it suggests that if a user spent 10 to 40 percent of snoring in the night then it is the normal case. Fitbit also admits that a band can’t differentiate between people. So, if the users’ partners also snore then that also detected and added to it.

Now the user can also choose the band to check the ambient noise in the bedroom. It will detect and the result bit will come out on two options that it “very quiet,” and “very loud,”.

Also now the user might wonder that keeping on the microphone for the whole night might drain the battery of the band. So, the company recommends the user charge the band up to at least 40 percent before going to bed. It also warns that there will be the need for the user to plugin the device frequently so the user should use it wisely.

However, till now the launch date for the new feature or the new band is not there. Neither any of the other specifications are there.

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