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First Look and Release Date for Netflix’s New Thriller ‘Interceptor’

Image Credit: Netflix

Back in 2020, Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction set huge bars. This year, Elsa Pataky is all set to break through his standards. The actress is reportedly said to have been cast as a lead in Netflix’s new movie The Interceptor.

The plot revolves around a military captain who is charged with stopping a nuclear disaster. Netflix on Tuesday revealed the first shoot photos from the sets of Interceptor, featuring the character of Pataky in action. The release date has also been recently announced on the 3rd of June.

Pataky is said to be playing the role of JJ Collins, who is supposedly a captain who runs a nuclear missile inceptor base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Chris Hemsworth, Pataky’s husband, serves as one of the executive producers for the film.

Other cast members include Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Mayen Mehta, and Rhys Muldoon. The script of the Interceptor goes back to what the director, Matthew Reilly, wrote alongside Stuart Beattie. Beattie, along with being the screenwriter, also serves as the producer.

The official plot suggests:
“After she gets out of her dream job at the Pentagon, Captain JJ Collins is now the in-charge of an interceptor base present in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Under an attack, she encounters a former military intelligence officer names Alexander Kussel. The captain now aims at tackling Kessels’s mercenaries and refraining them from completing their twisted missions.”



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