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The near-mint very first appearance of the Captain America comic got sold on Thursday for over $3.1 million.

The first-ever comic book featuring Captain America has now become one of the most expensive comics ever sold. The sale marks a record as the final price is said to have been $3,120,000. The final price also included the buyer’s premium.

The comic was sold as a part of Heritage Auctions’ comics and the usual comic art events that occur through Sunday. The price of the comic was justified by the content but especially the cover. The cover illustrated the superhero punching the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler making it one of the most iconic ones of all time.

The comic helms to December 1940, a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that pushed the presence of the US in World War II. The predecessor to Marvel Comics was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

The original tale revolved around a frail young man named Steve Rogers who is injected with a serum that turns him into a superhero. Bucky, the side role once talked about in the comic now serves as a winter soldier and features in the movies of Marvel Studios and series of the Disney+.

The comic even in those times gushed anticipation and appreciation and was sold hundreds of thousands of copies per month.

The new trend of buying vintage comics has hit people globally. Therefore, the sellers continue to demand higher and higher auctions for them.

The comic became one of the three that were sold publically for over 3 million dollars.

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