Far Cry 6
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The game Far Cry 6 is all about the “guerilla fantasy”. According to the director of the game Navid Khavari, it’s about taking the experiences of real-world freedom fighters and using them as inspiration to craft a tale of blood, violence, and revolution. According to Ubisoft, it is “doesn’t want to make a political statement.” But everyone also knows that breaking a connection with the politics of the real world is impossible. Moreover, in this, there is an especially the game crafts as a fictional island. That is loosely based on Cuba and many of the events that helped to define it over the years.

This time it seems to be cheeky as a game like Far Cry 6 which is already capable of doing many things is now launching the game to deal with the problem of fascism and dictatorship with a fierce, unblinking eye. Instead of this fact, the game is still one of the power fantasy that combines a dark, foreboding narrative with an eccentric focus on destruction. All over it is the mixture of the theme with which the game is already familiar.

The reports suggest that Ubisoft was not willing to get into the sociopolitical aspects of setting the game in a fictionalized version of Cuba. According to the company what it looks like to them is a  “guerilla fantasy”. Which is meant for the gameplay side of things. In simple words, it seems like a worthwhile evolution, one that addresses diminishing returns. Which was slowly falling victim to a greater focus on exploration and freeform experimentation in battles. The game this time looks promising but the fear is that it might not get banned after noticing by the government of Cuba.

The user will play the role of Dani. Who is a military dropout who was raised on the fictional island of Yara. The place is basically Cuba, but the users don’t get suspicious that’s why a name like this is given. The scene is like that throughout his or her young life (you can choose Dani’s gender). Dani’s home has been ravaged by war and politics. With revolutions that are shaping the direction of the nation’s future with evidently mixed results.

But this time the things seem to be changed as a new figure has entered Yara who is not afraid to embrace fascist ideologies that punch down on the vulnerable.

And with that character, the game will go forward.

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