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As the rumors about the battles among the superheroes across the multiple universes are catching fire, another one relating to the DCEU recently became public knowledge.

According to these rumors, many claims that the next upcoming movie in the DC universe, The Flash starring Ezra Miller, will eventually end up with the complete deletion of the DC Extended Universe and hence will erase the whole Of Snyderverse.

These rumors quickly caught the eyes of fans, and the concerned fans presented various theories both in favor and against them.

As many chose to decline this bizarre possibility, there were some who thought it to be true. It can be seen on the tweets posted by @MyTimeToShineHello as it claims to have some inside knowledge about the whole debacle.

Fortunately, the fans were saved from making any further theories to support their opinions as to The Flash lead actor Ezra Miller putting a stop to this rumor making all the previous allegations simply a way to gain attention.

As per the recent Reddit post, it was found that the actor has taken it upon himself to ease the distressed fans. He took his time to personally reply to the DM of one of the fans who expressed his concern about the yet unclear latest change.

He wrote, “No power or force in any known metaverse would or could ever erase Zack Snyder’s mighty works. You can take that quote. Take that to the bank, to the press, the schools, the library, and the other pillar of capitalism. I forget the cause of that thing where if you try to think of a group of things you always forget one of them.”

With these words, the actor put an end to these rumors. It is still unclear whether this reply is a way to keep the suspense going or just a response to stop the ridiculous rumor.
Only time will tell.

For further updates regarding this theory, stay tuned.

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