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As the popularity and the usage of the Android phones is most among the people and because of which many of the apps on the play store have already crossed one billion installations. And to join the club of the five billion till now there were only 2 non-google apps, but now the Facebook messenger has also joined the club. This week only the Facebook messenger crossed the count of 5 billion.

In total, the count reaches the fourteen apps that have completed 5 billion installations in total on the play store. Some of the apps among them are YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail. Besides them comes the Facebook apps that have crossed the installation to the billions. Facebook messenger has become the third app on the list following Facebook in 2019 and WhatsApp in 2020.

Despite so many controversies from the app, people still rely on o Facebook messenger very much for the part of communication. The sources claim that the company is trying to build a messaging committee at the backend so that all the chats of the 3 apps that include Facebook messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp can be handled in one backend only. But with this, there is still work left for the company to work on the part of the privacy at front. Still, the messenger has to implement the privacy of end-to-end encryption and the feature will get implemented before the building of the chatting empire by the company for all three apps together.

Moreover, the apps like signal and telegram are in the lead to get more installations within a few years as both of them provide a great level of features at the part of privacy and policy. So, if Facebook wants to beat them at that part also then the company has to first work on the part of privacy and policy and then on the other changes. Moreover, with the launch of live chat rooms like clubhouse on Facebook messenger, the installation went up.

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