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Netflix film Extraction, in which Chris Hemsworth played the Lead role, has wrapped its production for the next sequel of this Movie. It is a highly anticipated sequel and modern genre film.

The creator of this film, Sam Hargrave, shares a short video on his Instagram Handel sharing the wrap of principal photography and thanking all the support staff and crew members for their hard work. This announcement should not come as a surprise as just last week, both the director and actor of this film said the star finished shooting for the sequel.
Extraction sequel started shooting in November 2021. Since that time, Hargrave and Hemsworth have created a buzz among the fans by sharing the many new looks of the upcoming action film. A snowy action scene/stunt involves a helicopter landing on a moving train.

We still don’t have much information about the sequel’s plot other than the fact that Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake survived getting shot and falling off a bridge at the end of the last film. It was revealed in a teaser for Extraction 2 before the sequel started shooting. The film plot for this sequel does not matter as the original movie was a light-on story. This film was a success because the action was thrilling and impeccably shot.

Extraction will be remembered for its insane 12-minute one-shot car chase, which blew away audiences with its creative camera work and energetic ferocity. However, the behind the camera scenes teases, this sequel looks to be upping the ante in every department. As we already mentioned, the helicopter stunt has been a significant focus of the sequel’s publicity so far, and it is going to be exciting to see what the greater context of that scene will be.

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