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As we all know that Renee Gracie appeared to be in the porn game for the long haul.

Along with this the former V8 Supercars driver was working on the social media profile and turned -X-rated social media star into that. After that, the profile was banned by Instagram. But Renee didn’t remain quiet and made a new profile with 70k followers in just a month and brings a staggering amount of money each month.

And now those days have been ended when she made an Instagram page and then Instagram deleted her page and she had to start the work all over again. With the making of the new account on Instagram, she also made up a Twitter account in order to get the attention of the fans fastly and maintain the old fanbase and moreover she also stepped well in her porn game was last week.

And now RENEE GRACIE is posting about the multiple sex scenes that she has performed till now and the posts are with herself alone or herself with some of the objects and the last is the pic in which she is with the man.

However, the team is not posting all the pics of her but some are here given as by seeing these the user will get clear to the things that what he/she is expecting and the photos mentioned below are satisfying the user or not.

The former driver in a report also says that the banishment of her from Instagram costs her around $15,000 a month.

And she said that “It will impact me financially in some areas,” and also said that “[For some girls] Five, 10 to $15,000 dollars a month easily. It would be devastating for people who lost their accounts.”

After some time then she compared herself to the former President Donald Trump, whose account was officially banned by Twitter.

The daily telegraph reported that she told them that “I feel like Donald Trump,”

With the above lines at last she stated that “When I told my Dad I had been banned he said ‘you’ve done Donald Trump’ and I said I’m not inciting violence – make love, not war.

“(Trump) is an example of how these social media platforms are starting to take responsibility. The last week has proven that.”

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