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‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Review: What Will Jules Do With Cal’s Tape?

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The show “Euphoria” is doing justice with its title. It puts you in a frenzy with the portrayal of their characters. It connects you to them with an indescribable emotional bond. If you are following the show, Euphoria season 2 latest episode is full of adventure and plot-twisting scenarios.


The Dynamic and Artistic character of the show, Jules, is handed over a tape that has her and Cal’s encounter in the motel. In the previous episodes, it comes to light that Cal and Jules met via a hookup app, and he taped her in the bedroom, unbeknown to Jules. Ever since it was put in Cal’s vault, it has changed several hands initially; Nate stole it, then Maddy steals the tape as a possession to blackmail Nate in the time of need. Later, it ended up at Jules.

The lingering tape in the Jacobs family has shared fair screentime with Nate trying to find himself and establish a relationship with his sexuality and Cal’s hidden sexual preferences. Considering Maddy’s erratic behavior, she might have reacted unpredictably. Still, in the latest episode of this season, Nate puts her at gunpoint to take the tape from her and hands it over to Jules. He must have thought that Jules won’t make a move on his dad, and he would be successful in keeping the image of his dad and his business profile unstained.

It’s all in the hands of Jules now, and her decision can change the course of many characters in the show. Although we haven’t seen much of Jules in season 2, she is subtly playing her part. We all have to wait till another episode to find out what Jules will do with the tape, but it hints a little when Cal confronted Jules at the carnival not to accuse him of sexual assault, pleading her not to ruin his life, to which she replied she has no intentions or plans to do so. But it was all before she knew Nate had been catfishing her on the same hookup app she met his father.

Knowing the fact that she felt disgusted finding out ShyGuy81 is no one, but Nate and his awful behavior towards her can make her change her mind about the tape. Although Jules is beautiful and has a little dark persona at the beginning of the show now, she has risen to the occasion as one of the most well-rounded characters. She has been nothing but sweet to everyone. It’s all a matter of a little while till the reveal; we have to be a little patient.

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