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The finale episode “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For A Thing I Cannot Name” of season 2 is a continuation of the penultimate episode with a runtime of one hour. Lexi’s play isn’t finished yet, and we will have to find out if Fez showed up at the show or not? So without further ado, let’s dive in.

8th episode of the show took off the story from where it ended in the previous episode. Previously Nate rushed off the auditorium and broke up with Cassie because Lexi’s play humiliated him in front of everyone about his homophobia. Cassie was aware and saw it coming, but she was so madly in love that she labelled herself Only Nate’s. And Fez was dressing up for the first time to be there for Lexi.

The last episode opens with Fez getting ready in a suit with a handwritten note and a bouquet of roses while Ash sits near Custer with a knife in his sleeve. He notices that something fishy is going on; Faye doesn’t have the guts to say something about it. As Fez starts to see the pinning silence, he asks Custer what he has done what is going on. Custer replies that police found out about the murder of drug smuggler Mouse. Just after hearing this, Ash stabs him in the neck.

Custer dies, and Fez tries to digest what just happened. A flashback of his conversations with Lexi runs through his mind, soon realising that he can make it to the play now that he has to clean this mess up first.

Then cut to the scene where Cassie turns red with anger. Nate broke up with him after being publicly humiliated by a homo-erotic dance in the play. Her only dream to be loved is shattered in front of her eyes. She can’t let it go just like that. For once in her life, when she was beginning to feel loved, and now Lexi might have ruined it.

In a play that has been written without the audacity even to ask first, Cassie becomes raged. She heads to the stage, making a very “Cassie” scene in front of the whole school where she says some hurtful words to Lex and abuses Maddy in front of everyone. As we expect Maddy to react with her short temper, she gets on the stage, becoming like a live catfighting event. Maddy slaps Cassie hard, and they run out of the show. Making Lex’s play a disaster, or is it?

Fez, who couldn’t be there because of Faye’s boyfriend, tries to convince Ash to surrender and run away, very likely of Ash, he refuses to walk away like that, leaving his brother to a crime that he didn’t commit. He takes all the ammunition he has hidden for emergency and locks himself in the bathroom.

Fez keeps yelling at him to open the door and leave before the cops arrive. The troops break into the house with loaded sniper guns, Fez begs them not to shoot to keep Ash safe. But Ash does his signature defence, just bombing it all without even thinking. His childish defence call got him killed. And they took Fez in their custody.

The play doesn’t end like that; A backstage operator motivates Lexi to complete her play. It was her dream, and the show must go on. She is dedicating the further part of the show to Fezco, for whom she has saved the best seat of the theatre. We still see some of Rue’s speech at her dad’s funeral in the play and how Lexi has struggled mentally seeing his dad on the hospital bed hanging between life and death, always remaining in the fright that one call from the hospital and it’s over.

She also took her to play as a medium to show the audience why she has this special best friend connection with Rue; no matter how apart they grow from each other, they still find their ways back, from the instances of eating ice cream at Fex ran shoppe to hang out in their homes together sharing the most intimate thoughts possible without any fear of being judged. The play ends on a very emotional note.

The play ended, not the show. In the constant changing of fiction and reality between the play, we see that Leslie admits to Rue that she has used all of her to save her. She gives up because she has another daughter who needs to be mothered—saying that Gia has suffered enough and now she needs her mother to be there for her too. Rue says that she understands it’s only fair after knowing that Gia might seem fine to her because she never cared to ask her about the battles she is fighting.

Nate goes to meet his dad and confesses a recurrent dream that he had since he was 11 where cal “would f*** him the way he did hookers” he wants revenge for what he has become because of his dad and his selfish venture. He called the cops on his own dad, handing them the copy of every sexual encounter tape that Cal had ever recorded.

Maddy, Cassie and Kat spark fire to keep their friendship alive after fighting; when Cassie says that Nate broke up with her before she got on the stage, Maddy replies to her that it is just the beginning.

Lexi’s play proves therapeutic for Rue. She saw herself as a human and how she violated herself when she had already been through so much. It is also the first time we have seen her so happy in season 2. It gave her hope to change, and she doesn’t want herself to be forever stuck in grief. She feels liberated, and she meets Eric to forgive him for what he has done. Eric sings a beautiful raw song that resonates with Rue, and he asks her if they could still be friends even though he knows that they are not good for each other. This is not all Rue also unites with Lexi to thank her for making her look at her story from a viewer’s point and how she is just a human being who is capable of both mistakes and learning from mistakes.

Jules keeps finding a face in the crowd after seeing Rue’s storey staged by Lexi. She wants to reassure her that whatever happened between them made them strangers again; she still loves her and will always love her. Rue simply just kiss her forehead as a goodbye wanting her to remember Jules as her first love even though she is not sure if she felt it all because she was too high in all of it.
We are closest to the ending now, and the last episode ends on the wisdom of Ali, that Rue is beginning to believe “The thought of maybe being a good person, is what keeps me trying to be a good person.”

It was a massive art piece from Sam Levinson. It will be always less to exaggerate the performance of the whole cast, a fantastic cinematographic team, an outstanding ensemble of producers, attractive and OG music, and phenomenal costume and make-up crew. The entire team gave us such a marvellous self-awareness piece of art that envisions the struggles of addiction, modern-day sexuality, teenage insecurity, failed relationships, loss of loved ones and true friendship.

Many possibilities could be the central plot for season three, leaving only one beloved character of Ashtray, who died. We all were hoping to see more, but unfortunately, we will not. For now, stay tuned until we get the official announcements.

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