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The series airing on HBO left the fans with plenty to absorb at the end of the second season.

Except for the high-school play that doesn’t seem to end very soon, the episode is said to have opened up with a murder, further showcasing the discussion of the most talked-about “Little House on the Prairie,” leading to the character of Nate (played by Jacob Elordi) turning in his father (Eric Dane) to the police.

But according to the critics, Nate’sNate’s story was nothing compared to the ”Scarface’-like shootout, including the teenage Ash (played by Javon Walton), whose backstory was awful and among the revelations that seem to have been unfolded and portrayed earlier in the season.

The season was, just like always, a lot, though the episode that did close on a quieter note, with Zendaya’sZendaya’s character “Rue” exchanging an embrace and moment with her best friend Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) before eventually leaving the relationship behind. As shown and portrayed for now.

HBO (a unit of WarnerMedia just like CNN) has already reported having renewed the series for the third season. The twenty-plus actors playing teens would now move further along the ladder toward “Grease” territory in terms of the gap between their screen ages and actual ones, but can indeed be chalked up as a high-class problem. The show is said to have experienced a more than two-year gap between the shooting of the seasons due to Covid, but evidently without exhibiting any ill effects or affecting the impact of the grossing score of the show among the national and overseas audiences.

Everyone in “Euphoria” has already been through so much, and this is a part of its strange appeal. But as a critic, frankly, one doesn’t know what to do with the story and the plot.

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