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In the series ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ we see the attorney Mickey Haller return to criminal law after recovering from a drug habit. Mickey is thrown into the end when his colleague is killed mysteriously and leaves all his cases in the hands of our hero. From representing marginalized clients to tech billionaires, Mickey builds an intriguing path through Los Angeles while working in the back of his car.

The shocking death of his colleague also attracted a large audience, and Mickey soon finds himself in trouble.

Season 1 of the series ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is filled with mysteries and hidden intentions, so let’s discover them one by one. The mystery of the case of Trevor Elliott revolves around the killer of his wife, Lara, and her lover, Jan. Though Trevor is found in the house with the dead bodies and has a strong reason to commit the murders, he claims to be innocent.

Mickey also argues that Trevor wouldn’t have enough time to dispose of the bloody clothes and gun he used for committing the crime.

However, in the end, Mickey figures out that it was Trevor who killed his wife, Lara. It becomes clear that the real mastermind behind Trevor’s video game company was Lara and that she was threatened to leave him. Trevor realized that if Lara left with her proprietary code and genius ability, it would result in the downfall of his company. As a result, he killed her. Ironically, being unable to dispose of the incriminating materials on time is the exact argument that Mickey uses in court to win the case and gets Trevor punished for his deeds.

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