Emily in Paris
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In the finale of season two of Emily in Paris, Sylvie informed a shocked Madeline that she was quitting. Oh, and she was taking loyal employees Luc and Julien with her.

And that was not even the most shocking part of the finale, as Sylvie then invited Emily to join her new marketing firm. “You’re very, very good at your job,” Sylvie told Emily. “So you’d have to stay in Paris for longer than you planned.”

Well, this certainly sets the stage for season three of “Emily in Paris.” We spoke with Leroy-Beaulieu to get more insight into Sylvie’s jaw-dropping decision, who revealed everything about the French marketing maven’s business move. “I didn’t know what they were writing for the end of the season in the beginning when we started filming,” she shared with E! News. “But I always had a feeling that she was hiding something. That Sylvie had a secret.”

As she continued, Leroy revealed that Sylvie’s decision to leave Savoir was a calculated plan, instigated by one phone call by American boss Madeline. “The first call with Madeline,” she added, “she’s already thinking, ‘This is not going to go well. I have to take action. I can’t stand this.”

To reach out to Emily about this new opportunity, Leroy made it clear it was not that surprising in hindsight. “She was not an Emily fan,” she said. “She respected Emily for the talent that she had. She saw that this was a young, bold woman that had talent and potential.”

At the ending of season two, they did not show that Emily took the job offer or not, so we asked Leroy-Beaulieu point-blank if she thought Emily accepted the offer.

She answered – “If I were an author, I would say, you go to London and meet Alfie for an episode. And then come back to Paris and say, ‘OK, I want to work with Sylvie.'”

After clarifying that, she did add, “I think they’re not gonna stop working together.”

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