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On Monday NBC announced that from now onwards there will be no Golden Globes Awards as most of the actors and actresses got not satisfied with the Golden Globe. As the awards were getting biased when the nomination of the movies arise. Also, the actor like Scarlett Johnson and Gal Gadot a few days before only spoked about the bias ness on the golden globes.

The controversy pulled up when Golden Globes nominated Emily in pairs series and not Michaela Coel’s powerful I May Destroy You. Declaring a statement that a white-centric gets a special treatment which is better than the expense of a piece of Black art.

Now here is the list of the Series or the movies that got canceled from the nominations.

On Feb 3 Golden Globes announced their nominees for 2021 which include Emily in Paris and was nominated for 2 awards. one was for Best Television Series in Musical or Comedy. And the other was for Lily Collins for Best Actress in a TV Series. But most of the fans got frustrated on this as a show like HBO’s Insecure, starring Issa Rae, and I May Destroy You were not nominated at all.

Deborah Copaken gave a statement in which she wrote that why the movie I May Destroy You should be nominated over the other movies and series on Netflix. she said that “Now, am I excited that Emily in Paris was nominated? Yes. Of course,” Copaken wrote. “I’ve never been remotely close to seeing a Golden Globe statue up close, let alone being nominated for one. But that excitement is now unfortunately tempered by my rage over Coel’s snub. That I May Destroy You did not get one Golden Globe nod is not only wrong, but it’s also what is wrong with everything.”

On Feb 21 the newspaper The Los Angeles Times published some of the inner investigations of the HFPA. They alleged that the association was full of corruption and there was no black woman or man in the association working. With this, the website also mentioned the reason that why always at the Golden Globe nominees there are the white ones and not the black ones. So, they mentioned that during the conference the nominees “hurtled insults at one another during news conferences … frequently engaging in personal feuds.” With this insult, the members also sell their ticket at a range of $39,000 to the other people.

One of the reports also claimed that HFPA colled around $2 million during the fiscal year that is going to end in June 2021. It was also mentioned that around 30 members visited the set of Emily in pairs to check from HFPA. From the golden globes, the makers and the actors working in the series got a 2 day stay in a five-star hotel. Which was sponsored by Paramount Network.

On Feb 28 the award function took place remotely due to the pandemic of Covid-19. The show was hosted by Tina Fey in New York City and Amy Poehler in Los Angeles. With this most of the comedians also joked on the investigations made by HFPA which was there in their opening monologue declared that “Everybody is understandably upset at the HFPA and their choices. Look, a lot of flashy garbage got nominated, but that happens, OK? That’s, like, their thing, but several Black actors and Black-led projects were overlooked.”

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