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The multi-billionaire Tesla leader is expected to take questions from Twitter’s workers at the meeting.

Mr. Musk has instructed that he may quit the bargain if the firm ceases to provide information about fake accounts on the platform.

The event was declared by Twitter’s head executive Parag Agrawal through an email to staff on Monday.

Mr. Agrawal notified employees they could submit questions to Mr. Musk before the meeting.

Prematurely this month, he declared to walk away from the deal, accusing the social media company of “thwarting” his requests to know more about its user base.

In a letter that was filed with regulators, Mr. Musk announced that he was permitted to do his measurement of spam accounts.

The letter formalized a conflict that had stewed for weeks after he announced the deal “on hold,” pending additional information.

Analysts have announced that Mr. Musk might be utilizing the issue to try to restate the price or even step away from the contract. They announced that his decision to put forward the matter on social media was uncommon, making it hard to establish how severe he was.

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