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An earlier video clip of the WandaVision famed actress, Elizabeth Olsen, circled the internet. The video is of her. Defending her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, has been trending on social media.

The video is proof of how protective she is of her sisters. In a world where family bonds are tested on social media platforms, it is a relief to witness the beautiful relationship that the Olsen sisters share.

This clip is from 2012, and it shows the youngest Olsen signing autographs outside 30 Rockefeller Center being surrounded by paparazzi.

Amidst the autograph signing, the actress was asked a question that makes us think about the mindset of certain people. She was asked, “How come you’re so much nicer than your sisters ?”

The question was hostile, yet the actress kept her cool and gave the perfect response that shut various mouths having similar thoughts. She replied, “You guys have been bothering them their whole lives.”

The Olsen sisters’ relationship turns heads as the trio has been part of Hollywood. And just like siblings, even they had their moments when the rumors of them fighting reached their fans.

On multiple occasions, the bond among the three seemed inseparable, yet there were times when their relationship was questioned.

There was a time when the youngest Olsen wanted to do nothing with the name and fame of her sisters. She had revealed in earlier interviews that she wanted to drop out the name Olsen and continue with her middle name, ‘Chase.’

Although later, she revealed that she was thankful for maintaining her family name and is proud of their work and advice.

The actress’s fans applauded her actions of defending her blood and maintaining their relationship irrespective of many differences, and various fans tweeted this video supporting the actress’ decision and response.

Hopefully, the bond between the three will be maintained in the future.

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