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It’s been almost a month since the release of Elite season 5 on Netflix, and fans are still grieving from what transpired in the adolescent drama’s fifth season. The fifth season ended on a significant cliffhanger, so fans are eager to see how things play out in the sixth season. Unfortunately, fans will not be able to witness the new season until June because Elite season 6 will not be available on the streamer this month.

We’re not shocked that Elite season 6 won’t be released in June because the actors and crew are still filming the sixth season. However, the good news is that manufacturing appears to be nearing completion. When will it be? As early as this month.

There’s a rumor going around that Elite season 6 will conclude filming in early June. The actors and crew are in the final week of filming, according to an Elite fan page on Instagram. Valentina Zenere, who portrays Isadora in Elite, uploaded an Instagram story snapshot of herself in her dressing room with the caption “Last week, in my second home, the dressing room.”

Elite season 6 release date

If the primary filming concludes in June, the show will immediately start post-production. Post-production might last up to six months. So, assuming the sixth season takes the full six months in post-production, it may be released in December 2022. However, this would imply that two seasons of Elite would be released in 2022. Every year, just one season of Elite is released, and we doubt Netflix will change things up for season 6. As a result, Netflix would most likely postpone the sixth season until next year and release a slew of new Elite: Short Stories around the end of 2022. For the time being, our best guess for the release date of Elite Season 6 is early 2023.

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