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According to Netflix, Netflix’s Original Japanese science fantasy anime production has officially begun. The series is based on the adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima, who is best known for creating Fairy Tail.

The first season of the animation adaptation came in April 2021 and has had 25 episodes so far. J.C.Staff is producing the series. The news of the second season came just after the final episode of season one, which aired in Japan on October 2, 2021. On the series official Twitter handle, it was announced that “Shiki’s adventures will continue.”

Unfortunately, due to the demise of the previous director, YĆ«ji Suzuki, he won’t be part of the upcoming season, and a new face for the role hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Edens Zero is set in a fictional space-faring universe called Grand Shiki Cosmos, where we encounter humans, aliens, and sentient robots. This universe is divided into four smaller cosmoses: The Sakura Cosmos, which represents spring, which serves as the initial setting of the series’s season one; the Aoi Cosmos, which means summer; the Kaede Cosmos represents autumn and The Yukino Cosmos which represents winter.

In the fictional world, fans are also introduced to numerous cosmic entities like cybernetic dragons and Chronophage. The magical energy source of the universe is Ether, which provides power to all the technological equipment.
Several characters are seen directly harnessing the Ether with the help of an ancient power that grants superhuman abilities called Ether Gear.

The story’s plotline focuses on a human Ether Gear user named Shiki Granbell, who lives among robots on the planet Granbell, a deserted theme park world in the Sakura Cosmos.

On February 8, 2022, fans were notified about the official announcement that revealed the whereabouts of the second season, and it was found that it was under production. The second season will approximately cover either the 133rd or 138th chapters. In the upcoming season two, we will witness the beginning of the journey of Shiki and the crew of Edens Zero as they will travel beyond the Sakura Cosmos.

No official date of the release has been disclosed yet. Since the anime will first broadcast in Japan, we assume that the anime will return to Netflix sometime in 2022.

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