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If there’s one show on television that’s quietly one of the finest right now, it’s The CW’s Dynasty. Everything you’ve heard to the contrary is entirely false, and season 5 of Dynasty has been one of the soap’s most intriguing and bizarre seasons yet.

The fifth season of the successful show premiered with an exceptional two-hour holiday debut in December 2021, tying up the season 4 cliffhanger (Fallon getting shot!) with a sparkly Christmas bow. However, Fallon and Liam’s marriage was not that straightforward.

Season 5 of Dynasty will return with new episodes in March 2022, with a full-season order of 22 episodes – one of the most significant orders presently on television. However, viewers will have to wait a bit longer to see the most recent episodes on Netflix.

Unfortunately, Dynasty season 5 was not featured on Netflix’s comprehensive list of new release movies and series arriving in May 2022. Still, we expected this, given that the show is currently showing new episodes on The CW. However, here is an estimated Netflix release date for Dynasty.

Dynasty season 5 Netflix release date.

Season 5 of Dynasty is expected to air for most of the summer. The series will air Season 5 Episode 9 on April 29, leaving 13 episodes. Thirteen weeks from April 29, we’ll have episode 22 showing on July 29.

Of course, it assumes The CW will show the balance of the season uninterrupted, with no mini-breaks or special two-hour airings. In that situation, the season may conclude earlier in July or continue into early August.

Historically, The CW series still has a streaming home on Netflix and releases new seasons eight days following their TV airings. In terms of Dynasty season 5, the most recent episodes are expected to be available for global streaming in late July or early August 2022.

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