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Disney+ actress Kim Mi-soo has died at 29, her agency confirms.

Mi-soo had recently appeared in the Disney+ series, where she was a supporting actor in “Snowdrop.”

“Kim suddenly left us on January 5,” her agency. Landscape said in a statement on Wednesday, according to Variety. “The bereaved are deep in their sorrow at the sudden sadness. Please refrain from reporting false rumors or speculation so that the family can mourn in peace.”

The outlet reported the statement was translated by “Joongang Daily.” However, the cause of death has not been revealed yet.

Originally JTBC Studios and Drama House produced the “Snowdrop,” but it appears as a Disney Plus original everywhere but Korea. On December 18, the series premiered on Disney Plus.

In 1987, the series took place in South Korea and followed the pro-Democratic movement. Koreans criticized the series for glamorizing and distorting historical facts, outlets reported at the time.

JTBC Studios released a statement claiming the concerns over historical distortion were just a misunderstanding.

“Most of the misunderstandings regarding concerns of historical distortion and disparaging the democratization movement, criticized by many people, will be settled through the progress of the drama’s plot,” the statement said (via Forbes).

“The drama includes the production team’s intent of hoping for no repetition of an abnormal era in which individual freedom and happiness are oppressed by unjust power. Although we, unfortunately, cannot reveal much of the plot ahead of each episode, we ask that you watch over the future progress of the plot.”

According to Variety, a petition to cancel the series circulated in Korea and gained hundreds of thousands of signatures. Brands sponsoring the Disney Plus series also revoked their sponsorship at the time, the outlet reported.

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