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Through its NSFW collection of science fiction dreams and nightmares, Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning animated anthology, Love, Death + Robots, is one of the most extensive provoking offerings from the streaming platform.

The newest Volume of “Love, Death + Robots” lately kicked off its third, and probably the best, season on May 20th with a sublime choice of animation gems from all corners of the universe.

David Fincher and Tim Miller have remained the executive while creating this fictional series, and it was first debuted on Netflix back in March 2019

Volume 3 promises daring viewers a menagerie of monster crabs, an evil elder god, insectoid aliens, rampaging zombies, wise-cracking robots, demonic river spirits, evolved rats, and an astronaut feeling brain-altering effects of painkillers on Jupiter’s hostile moon of Io.

When asked, ” How did you choose the award-winning source material for your segment?”

Emily Dean said, “I was invited in to read a bunch of short stories that they were considering for Volume 2 back three years ago in 2019, and I chose “The Very Pulse of the Machine.” It was originally meant to be for Volume 2, but the process took so long that it ended up being in Volume.”

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