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Diane Kruger Says ‘We Still Have A Long Way To Go’ To Correct Gender Pay Gap

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Just like every other workplace, Hollywood suffers from gender bias and inequality as well when it comes to payment for their work. Female celebrities have been suffering from the gender pay gap for years and many of them have spoken out loud about this discrimination.

According to the reports, Scarlett Johansson who was on the Forbes list as the highest-paid actress in 2018 had earned $198.5 million less than the highest-paid actor, George Clooney. George Clooney, on the other hand, topped Forbes’ list of highest-earning actors with a $239 million year.

Diana Kruger is also one of these women who knows their value and aren’t afraid to fight for their place in the industry.

Kruger is a German and American actress who is known for her roles in many of the leading franchises of all time. She is quite famous for her role as Helen in the epic war film, Troy(2004), and Dr. Abigail Chase in the heist film National Treasure (2004) and its sequel (2007).

Recently the 45 years old ex-model has shared her experience of working with Jessica Chastain who is the producer of her latest project, The 355. The producers of this franchise are in the news for their fair treatment regarding the payment of the artists working in the movie.

Her statement read, “I think people are more aware of it, but we still have a long way to go. It is moving and heading in the right direction. If anything we have created a space to be able to be heard and there to be an open discussion. In this film, Jessica made sure that we are all paid equally. We all had the same trailers, we all had the same conditions to work in. We all had the same value, right to be there and talk about characters,”

In her previous conversation, the actress has also talked about the pay difference when she revealed that she is grateful to her fellow actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain who have been vocal about erasing the gender pay gap in Hollywood. Her statement regarding this discrimination read, “I’ve certainly never been paid as much as a male costar in the United States. In France, yes.”

The actress also opened up about how it is going to take women to help the female artists and also talked about how she ‘applauds male makers, who do that because you can’t do it alone, you need the men too as well.’

She further praised her producer and said, “Everyone felt heard, invited, and valued. I think that makes for a better work experience and also a good movie. Because you know that you are there for what you stood up for, and what you believe in.”

Hollywood is thankful for these actresses who prefer to speak out loud to help all those who are suffering from these same situations.



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