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The first episode of Demon Slayer Entertainment Arc was released not long ago, and now fans are curious about what the arc will be like. However, as soon as the episodes come out, fans will gradually be able to know everything, but here we will inform you of the information about Tengen women. The anime series has already spilled that Tengen, better known as Sound Hashira, is married to his three wives. With Tengen, his three wives- Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru first appeared in the anime series. After their match, official Twitter released the following statement from the women: –

Each of the wives has different characteristics from the other. According to the tweet, Shizuka Ishigami (who featured Ikumi Mito in Foor Wars) is chosen to be in the series as Makio’s voice. She is like the character of Inosuke Hashibara, and he is courageous, confident, and kind. Besides the wives, she often cares for her husband – Tengen, which shows that she has a soft side personality, making her a lovely character.

In addition, Nao Toyama (who mentioned Mana Natsukawa in Oreshura) has acted in the series as Suma (center). Suma is similar to Zenistu features, and it means you are extremely powerful, but you are incredibly powerful. Besides, he cares about his friends, making him stand out as the Demon of a Demon Slayer.

And the last one is Atsumi Tanizaki, who acted as (Nikki Hanada in Dr. Stone) and will act as Hinatsuru in the series (the last one shown in the picture above). Hinatsuru is the best of them all; he is like Tanjiro Kamado, but this is also because he matured in a difficult situation with him. Other than that, she looks ancient compared to the other two wives.

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