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On Wednesday, Denny Heck said that he would not go for re-election. He is from Democrat of Washington and expected to run for the 2020 election. The reason is that the hearings for impeachments where he was present as the House Intelligence Committee has made him a weary. 

All these things were state by Heck in a blog post. He, too, spoke about the aspects of the job and how he loves those things and considered it as the part of them himself. But now, after all the above situations, he doesn’t want to go for it. 

What does he say?

In the blog post, he states that during all these countless hours for the investigation about the Russian election interference, it has affected his thinking. He added by saying that he came to know that he will never understand his colleagues. Apart from that all, he too said that he couldn’t think about how they ignore the attack on the free press by President. 

As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Heck went for the televised impeachment hearings for Trump. Heck represented the left-leaning district in Olympia. 

Announcement for retirement

As Heck announces his resignation on Wednesday, he explains the bitter state of the politics that is going on in the country. He said that there are times when there were no rules and regulations. All measured all the success via the followers on Twitter. With that, he too added by saying that now all civility and compromise are coming out. 

He announces his retirement as it is expected that nearly other dozens of Republicans of Congress will also retire. The party is fighting hard to win the House in 2020. If you look at the retirement of Democrats, then there are few concerning the Republics. 

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