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The Teen Titans Academy is nearing the end of its run. The story is said to encompass an ever-growing number of young heroes within the eternal DC universe. The title is said to have followed the stories of the very founders, the many younger upper-level students, and a crop full of many recruits. Some of all that climax had been partially forecasted in the events of the year 2021’s Future State storyline, which had teed up a dark and a surprising potential future for the team. As the events of this week’s Teen Titans Academy have revealed so far, one of those Future State elements has now been made in the canon, and it seems to have significant ramifications for the two members of the team.

As the Teen Titans Academy sets to carry out its first graduation ceremony, Raven had periodically checked in on the Beast Boy and the Cyborg, who were not physically present at the festivities. Later on in the issue, it was confirmed that the two had been merged into a single being for their safety after their deadly destruction of the Titans Tower.

This had been lined up with one of the weirdest elements introduced in the Future State’s Teen Titans story, as the character of Cyborg and Beast Boy were recently merged into that of “Cybeast.” The Future State narrative also indicated that the pair had been merged for a longer time, taking up their best friend dynamic in an entirely new direction.

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