David Adefeso

David Adefeso recently celebrated A good Day For Justice and his fans can check her message below that he gave to his fans through this post.

David Adefeso captioned his post by: ‘Derek Chauvin found guilty of all three charges for killing George Floyd It’s a good day for justice!’

Someone said that: ‘Just the beginning, my people, 🙏🏽🗣we got a long way to go .. #butgod🙌’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Put em away. I know people make mistakes but he knew what he was doing and was callous and cruel. Didn’t stop until Mr. Floyd was lifeless. #thankyougod.’

Someone commented the post as: ‘Good started but we are nowhere near finished 3 more to go and a 40 ur sentence for all involved 😐’ and someone else posted this: ‘Yeeeees I was screaming sooooo loud in my apt when the judge gave the verdict I know my neighbours were like wth lol.’

A follower posted a message as: ‘What a stale reaction I’m so pissed he was so stoic the entire time smh’ and someone else said: ‘I think it should have been first degree. He should pay with his life.’

Someone posted as: ‘Finally a bad cop goes to jail! Sending these criminals in uniform to jail should be the norm and not the exception✊🏾,’ and one follwoer said: “During the reading of this verdict in Ohio a 15yr old little girl was shot by the police. I’m so disgusted. 😢’

David Adefeso also posts a pic on IG mentioning that people who want financial freedom can contact him and he captioned his post as:

‘To move forward in life and achieve financial freedom, it helps to have the basic building blocks you need in place. Every Sunday at 2 pm PST on #WealthDemystified I show you how to build these blocks so you can one day be financially free and happy. Click the link in my bio for more tips! Follow @david.adefeso,’

And that’s was all the updates about David Adefeso.

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