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Everybody is known to make mistakes in their earlier years of work. When we initiate our careers, we are inexperienced and most of the time tend to bypass various dilemmas in our day-to-day actions. It happens with everybody. Nobody is born perfect, we all gain experience as we mature.

And the same can be said for our favorite celebrities. We have glimpsed myriad mishaps of our beloved stars. Blunders help us remember that they too are human and they too had to go through the mundane tasks to reach perfection.

Reminiscing his very own first press conference as James Bond, Daniel Craig dubs the whole debacle “a train wreck”

Daniel Craig welcomed his fans for the very first time as James Bond in a press conference in 2005. He appeared at the conference in true Bond’s fashion, the actor made his dramatic entrance via Royal Mail Speedboat.

Outfitted in a tuxedo, the actor was bombarded with critique due to being a safety hazard as the actor wasn’t donning a life jacket. He began his conference with the words that resulted in him being known as one who lacked manners as he was chewing gum. He said, “I’d like to thank the royal marines for bringing me in like that, and scaring the shit out of me.”

In his recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Craig recalled this very experience. The actor had watched his interview in fragments and with that he claimed it to be a ‘F*cking Train Wreck’

He shared his thoughts about that day and remarked on how it could have been better and how he should have responded. He said, “I have seen fragments. It’s a fucking train wreck. In a way, I regret how the press conference went; In other ways, I am very happy with the way that press conference went. I didn’t know how to activate the charm, which was to be charming and be witty about it, ‘Oh that’s a beautiful question, how nice of you. do that. ‘I was just,’ Fuck you! You, fuck you too! ‘ That’s all I wanted to say.”

Daniel Craig when first took the role of James Bond many of the character’s fans were apprehensive about him being the best choice yet despite the uneven beginning he has done his very best to convince the world by giving incredible performances in his Bonds franchises in the past 16 years. He has delivered to the franchise some of its best-done films and made it relatively difficult for the next person to step in his shoes.

We hope to see the Ex-Bond in the future with even more remarkable roles.

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