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Comedian and Emmy-Winning ‘Baskets’ Star Louie Anderson Passes Away at 68

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Louie Anderson, an Emmy-winner comedian whose career spanned from stand-up and game show host to starring roles in film and TV, died on Friday in LA from complications related to cancer, his publicist Glenn Schwartz confirmed to CNN.

He was 68.

On Thursday his friend and comedian Pauly Shore, tweeted that he had said his goodbyes to Louie Anderson and asked for prayers for the ill star.

Pauly Shore wrote: “Attention comedians and @TheComedyStore, alumni’s I say this with a heavy heart just left the hospital in Las Vegas where Louie Anderson his sisters and a close friend were kind enough to let me say my goodbyes he’s still with us but keep him in your prayers.”

Louie Anderson was born one of 11 children in St. Paul, Minnesota, Anderson was a counselor for troubled children when In 1981, he won the first–place trophy at the Midwest Comedy Competition.

The host of the competition, legendary comedian Henny Youngman, was so impressed by Anderson and then he hired the young comic as a writer.

Anderson was soon basking in his own spotlight on comedy stages all over the country.

Johnny Carson invited Louie Anderson to make his national TV debut on the “The Tonight Show” in 1984 and Anderson’s career took off after this.

Appearances with Jay David Letterman, Jay Leno, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Comic Relief,” as well as Showtime and HBO specials further cemented him as one of Hollywood’s top comedians.

Louie Anderson was also a best-selling author.

His books included “Dear Dad — Letters From An Adult Child,” “The F Word, How To Survive Your Family,” and “Good-bye Jumbo…Hello Cruel World.”

Anderson is survived by his two sisters, Lisa and Shanna Anderson.



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