Quantum Processor
source: Global times

Once again the researchers of china have excelled on the part of technology. As they developed a quantum processor with the world’s largest number of Supercoding Qubits.

The sources claim that a group of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has designed a quantum processor with the largest number of superconducting qubits that they were able to fit in that. The count of the qubits reached 62 which is the maximum till now. The processor also achieved two-dimensional programmable quantum walks on the system.

The study of this Quantum processor was carried out by Chinese quantum physicist Pan Jianwei. The study was published on Friday in the top scientific journal Science. The computer prototype was named Zu Chongzhi. He is one of the accomplished Chinese mathematicians from the fifth century.

The authors said that “Quantum walks are the quantum-mechanical analog of classical random walks and an extremely powerful tool in quantum simulations, quantum search algorithms, and even for universal quantum computing,”

Also, the researchers called their work a milestone because this quantum processor will bring the quantum applications closer to realization. Also, it is one of the major challenges to released quantum-based computers over classical computers. With this, they also promise enormous computing advantages.

With the use of the superpower computing parallel in the quantum computers. Is Expected to improve the working of conventional computers. Moreover, with this, the quantum will also help in improving cryptography, big data optimization, material design, and drug analysis.

With this, Superconducting quantum computing is also one of the promising scalable quantum computing. The primary of it is to synchronously increase the number of built-in qubits in order to improve the performance of superconducting qubits. It will also exponentially speed up the processing of specific problems.

Earlier in the year 2019, a tech giant in the US developed the quantum processor with the 53 bit. The processor was developed under the name of “Sycamore,”. It also claimed the title of “quantum supremacy”.

So, the invention of the processor with the 62 bits proved that China is also on the same level as that of the US. As both of them are the same at the part of developing the superpower quantum parts.

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