Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Impeachment Will Not Help Democrats: Andrew Yang

It's been several months since the Democrats are promoting the ongoing impeachment process in public platforms and election campaigns. But recently, one of the Presidential candidates from the Democratic Party, Andrew...

Opposition Demands Resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel might trap into a political instability shortly. Several opposition leaders put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign from his post after formal charges of corruption against him on...
Aisha Sultana Biography

Who Is Aisha Sultana Kavaratti Police Questioning Her Check Case Update Wiki Biography Bio...

We all know Aisha Sultana has caught up in the sedition case. The filmmaker Aisha Sultana is being questioned up for the same. Aisha is residing in Kochi and all this...

The Number of International Tourists in Hong Kong Declined Sharply

A prominent economist in Hong Kong predicts that the arrival of tourists is going to be minimal in November. The number was also disappointing in October as well. While anticipating the...

A Boeing 737 Crash in Iran Due to Some Technical Failure

A Boeing 737-800 from Ukraine crashed because of some technical issues just after the takeoff from the Iranian capital city, Tehran, on Wednesday. The plane was carrying around 170 people at...

President Trump Claims More than 20 False Statement at a NATO Meeting in London

On Tuesday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, held a meeting with three prominent foreign officials in London. President hosted meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, Justin...

Adelie Penguin travelled 2,000 miles Antarctica to New Zealand

On November 12, A rare breed of penguin which is an Adelie Penguin was spotted at the coast of Banks Peninsula in New Zealand. This rare penguin traveled nearly 2,000 miles...

TikTok Apologizes After Denying Access to a Teen’s Account for Criticizing China

In a recent development, video sharing application TikTok recently apologized to a teen for blocking his account. The event came after the teen shared a video where he was criticizing the...

19 People Killed in a Gunfight in Mexico, Near the USA border

On the weekend, around 19 people killed in a gunfight in the northern part of Mexico. The recent development will increase the ongoing tension between the United States and Mexico. President...
737 Max

Boeing 737 Max to Stay Grounded Until the Late Summers

Boeing reveals the news of 737 Max airplanes of remaining away from passenger service. The airplanes will resume their services from June or July. The company was in plans of restarting...

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